About Us

Decor+Design came to be because of a true love for design -- now, some may say it's tinder-style love, but we know it's the Ryan-Gosling-The-Notebook type of love. See, when we graduated from school and got our own apartments, we felt like real bad-as*es. Even though our space would be temporary, we wanted to be able to walk into a nice apartment at the end of the day. And that’s when we realized: there’s no time like the present to have a beautiful home!

We began searching online for design ideas and gearing up to tackle the design process, but we kept running into walls. We realized that finding design ideas for smaller spaces was impossible. We also couldn't find many design and decor ideas outside of the US. And most of the interior design photos consisted primarily of large mansions or million dollar lofts. I mean how in the world were we going to incorporate a $90,000 chandelier into our small dining area?

We moved onto Plan B: hiring a designer. I mean we have some cash flow, we've donated to charity, we've paid our bills, so we decided it was time to #TreatYoSelf! The idea of walking into a beautiful home after a long day of work excited us, so we began researching designers. But we quickly found that most designers were waaay out of our budget. All of the design services were simply too pricey for our Millennial budgets. We looked to see if designers offered smaller packages, but these were not possible to find.

While conducting our research, we found many people were in the same boat: wanting a beautiful home without breaking the bank. We also found individual designers who were struggling to find customers. We thought, why not bridge that gap? Help people acquire beautiful home while employing designers? Thus, Decor+Design was born!

We are thrilled to be working on this platform. We hope that we make your life easier with a fun and useful design site. And cheers to hoping this site will also help you transition from a ramen-eating, bunk-bed sleeping, stressed out college student to a more chic sushi-loving, beautifully designed apartment-having young adult!