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SPECIAL OFFER: All platform fees waived for limited time!

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Our organizing pros can:

  • Help you throw away items
  • Organize your space
  • Provide storage solutions
  • Help with cloud storage
  • Organize digital media/photos
  • Donate unnecessary items
  • Help you stay organized
  • Give you mental peace!

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You can choose to leave it to the pros, work together side-by-side, or anything in between!

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What people are saying:

Kay was professional and highly efficient. She gets things done in ways and a speed you can't imagine. She has helped me twice, once with my office which was totally chaotic and once to downsize my apartment.
— Bani, CA
My organizer maneuvered thru the chaos, drama and mess without missing a beat. She is exceptional at what she does and she does not stop to chat, eat or take breaks. So is a focused and fast organizer who is an expert at her craft. I recommend her for all your small or large organizing needs. She is the BEST!
— Kim, CA

Why Organize and Decorate?

Getting rid of clutter would eliminate 40% of the housework in the average home.
National Soap and Detergent Association
The interior designer plays an important role in recommending appropriate design strategies that affect productivity, health and well-being.
15-20% of the average American’s household budget is spent on buying duplicates of items that were misplaced due to disroganization
National Assoc. of Productivity and Organizing Professionals
Keeping a clean home allows you to focus exclusively on the task at hand, making you more productive.
People who worked in a neat space (vs. a messy office) for 10 minutes were 2x as likely to choose an apple over a chocolate bar.
Journal of Psychological Science
A more organized life can help you make your bedroom a sanctuary for rest (and sex!).

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Decor+Design is a platform that connects users to home oraganizers designers around the world. We believe that everyone deserves to live in a relaxing and beautiful space, whether that space is a studio, apartment, or house. Traditional interior design contracts and interior design firms are opaque and difficult to shop for. Even famous interior designers are difficult to find and work with. Decor+Design is the one stop shop for both home organization and décor. We can help you put what you have into beautiful order, and then find the right designer with the right style and package to help with what needs to be improved, big or small. We work with our designers and organizers to meet every budget, so whatever your needs, why not take a look?

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